Bike Glenlivet Orange Trail

January & February 2020


With a fixed budget, CRC undertook this project to provide absolutely the best possible value for money Orange trail for this long-standing client. A rare opportunity for the CRC team to flex their muscles and build something for the more experienced rider end of the market that also encourages progression for the less experienced rider.
The particularly good, easy to excavate, subsoils on this hill meant there was no need to import aggregate – this created the ideal conditions to use a 14t excavator and a 6t excavator working as a team to efficiently excavate and shape 1000’s of tones of earth to create the large features. Both Excavators are fitted with Engcon Tilting and Rotating hitches – these are very expensive accessories but seen as essential for this level of professional trail construction by CRC.
As CRC did in the past for the Fort William world cup downhill track, A 2m diameter pipe was installed to allow the existing Blue trail to pass under the new Orange – the opportunity to make an excellent feature out of this for the Orange was not missed.
CRC staff worked under the supervision of Paul Masson (Cycle Therapy) who was the project designer and client liaison. The extensive trail construction experience and MTB riding skills of CRC staffers Pete, Hans and Mark were essential for honing the design and testing the large features fearlessly to ensure they worked and were safe.
All project photos by Paul Masson Photography