Skill building trails for beginners to pros

Alyth Skills Trails and Pump Track

June 2014


A community orchestrated project in Perthshire contacted CRC with identified requirements for man-made mountain bike trails. Key to the projective was a blue grade trail suitable for intermediate users with red trail features (jumps and berms) and a pump track. Important design points were for the trails to be safe, sustainable and fun, usable by a wide range of riders as possible and robustly built to reduce long term maintenance.
The project took the shape of the construction of a small section of purpose-built mountain bike trail in a wooded sloped area with jump features in the field immediately below. CRC was keen to be considerate of sustainability of the construction and managed to mainly build the trails using locally won natural aggregates. This helped achieve a natural feel which weathered down well and along with the use of the Engcon equipped excavators maximized the strength and shapes of the trails reducing the need for manual labour.