Environmental Improvements

Phase II: River Gairn, Large Wooden Structures

September 2019


This unusual project CRC was proud to be commissioned to deliver for the Dee District Salmon Fisheries Board on the River Gairn. The project showcased the extensive experience of the CRC team to operate machines in remote and tough terrain while ensuring minimal ground disturbance and damage to the watercourse.

The project was to improve fish habitat on a 2.7km stretch between Cornadavan Lodge and Daldownie bridge by installing 30 large wooden structures (LWS). The LWS would be constructed by using approximately 100 windblown trees and their uplift, transportation and construction were appointed to CRC. Clear communication with the client and scheme designer Hamish Moir was vital and CRC understood the necessity to keep root plates of the fallen trees as intact as possible which would maximize their effect in the watercourse. To achieve this CRC used excavators with Engcon hitches and multipurpose grabs to handle them gently and safely at each end. The extensive experience of the CRC team operating the machines meant ground disturbance and any potential damage to the watercourse was also minimized.

For CRC this was an unusual job but one which received positive comments from both the client and designer on the efficiencies of the specialist equipment used, along with the safe approach and helpfulness of the CRC team.