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CRC are passionate about what they do and part of this is getting to work with a variety of clients, subcontractors and skilled professionals when undertaking projects. This diverse background of clients and projects has provided the team with opportunities to demonstrate their experience and flexibility which CRC believe makes them unique in their practice. Check out the portfolio section for examples of the diverse projects and clients they have already worked with.

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What to expect when working with CRC

We can offer clients the full range of listed stages for a project but you can contact CRC at any of the below steps of your project's lifespan.

Initial free consultation - includes a site visit. For MTB trails a trail designer may also come along, look at the suitability of the site and look to provide the client with a realistic viewpoint on what needs to happen to turn their idea into a reality.

Feasibility Study - will be carried out (usually for MTB trail work for any local planning or funding applications). Environmental and ecological surveys will also be included at this point. 

Planning Permission – if required CRC have vast experience with applications and provide advice. 

Funding – if outside funding is required CRC provides advice and costs for budgeting purposes.

Design and Construction – the fun part! The idea starts to take shape. 

Management – overall responsibility for each contract will be with CRC. Assurances will be made that all sites are HSE compliant, communication of weekly project updates and be responsible for delivering the project on time and budget. 

Ongoing Trail Care (MTB trails only) – standing by a 1-year guarantee for sections that may require work due to an error of design or construction will be rectified. Post 1-year CRC will provide quotes for maintenance, modifications or new sections.

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CRC is committed to providing a high- quality experience for clients throughout the life of a project. Confident communication is a core value which CRC pride themselves on. This is demonstrated by providing Project Plan updates throughout from initial consultation and planning phases right through to accurate cost and timescales estimates, the construction phase and completion.